BRUDER Spielwaren - leaders in production and packaging

BRUDER Spielwaren’s particular strength lies in the innovative force involved in developing and manufacturing new toys with typical BRUDER functionality. BRUDER hosts all stages from idea to production and marketing under one roof at the company’s head office in Fürth, Germany.

Cutting-edge production technology

BRUDER toy vehicles are developed and designed using cutting-edge CAD computer programs and 3D design work stations before they are passed on in house to mould making. At this stage, state-of-the-art CNC milling machines are employed to produce mould inserts and assemble individual steel parts to the complete mould.

Sustainably preserving resources

In-house plastic production can start once injection moulds have been put together. The company’s machinery includes around 100 CNC injection moulding machines. Exclusively high-grade plastics just like those used in parts of the automotive industry are applied. Plastic residue is collected and reintroduced to the material cycle as part of a recycling procedure so that we particularly preserve resources and protect the environment.

Ready for future activities

Just like in plastics production we are able to rely on decades of expertise in assembly, making efficient production possible. Thanks to plug-in connections it is possible to employ assembly machines to durably put together parts in only a few stages. In a last step, toy vehicles are “parked” in renowned, appealing BRUDER packaging before they are shipped to more than 70 countries around the world.

The company has been operating a certified energy management system since 2015.

No catches, but always the right choice

Toy vehicles "Made by BRUDER"

BRUDER products are all developed at the main plant in Fürth, Germany. We exclusively produce in the Eurpean Union. The majority of our pruducts originate from our main plant in Fürth.

High-grade materials

We exclusively use high-grade plastics similar to those used in parts of the automotive industry to produce our toy vehicles.

Production that preserves resources and protects the environment

Plastic residue produced during production is collected and reintroduced to the material cycle as part of a recycling procedure.

Comprehensive expertise

Just like in plastics production we rely on decades of expertise in assembly to facilitate efficient production.

Sustainable product concept

Our products are made of high-quality materials and for this reason, they are particularly durable. However, should a component break or in the event that you lose a part, full functionality can be restored by installing spare parts.

Award-winning quality

Our products have been certified by "spiel gut" e.V. The association’s recommendation certifies that these toys have been tested with children and by experts – with a positive result.

Cutting-edge packaging for a number of demands

BRUDER Spielwaren products are packed in high-quality packaging, intended to provide both excellent product protection during transport as well as plenty of product information prior to making the purchase.

Open display box

We pay particular attention to the packaging process for BRUDER vehicles to be able to showcase them completely in a largely open packaging. Consequently, our customers are provided with an excellent impression of the quality, product details and size of the vehicle. In many cases we use elaborately folded cardboard inserts to enable the best-possible fixation while safeguarding outstanding accessibility.

Closed display box

In contrast, we supply accessories and bworld in closed packaging, which merely features images to illustrate the contents. We can assume that accessories are either sold directly in conjunction with vehicles or they are used to supplement existing BRUDER products. In any case, customers are familiar with the size and quality of BRUDER products and for this reason, we use practical, closed packaging for accessories items.

Closed display box with window

bworld items consist of figures that are illustrated on blister cards. If these feature numerous accessories, they are showcased behind a foil window or on closed packaging. This guarantees an excellent impression of the corresponding themed world, contents are clearly identifiable and we automatically spark our customers' imagination with initial, suggested situations to play.

Correct disposal

Packaging for accessories and bworld products comes with standardised Euro blankings, perfect to hang them on shelving at toy retailers.

All BRUDER packaging is made of materials suitable for recycling to safeguard disposal in accordance with the European "Green Dot".

Observe the information on handling and looking after BRUDER items after having unpacked the products (see here).