5 trunks
Logistics set
Man, medium skin, white jeans
Man, dark skin, darkblue jeans
Man, light skin, blue jeans
Man, light skin, brown jeans
Construction worker with accessories
Forestry worker with accessories
Skier with accessories
Policeman, light skin, accessories
Policeman, dark skin, accessories
Fireman with accessories
Woman, medium skin, pink jeans
Woman, light skin, darkblue jeans
Woman with light skin tone and blue trousers
Snowboarder (female) with accessories
Policewoman, dark skin, accessories
JCB Micro excavator 8010 CTS and man
Figure-Set garage equipment
bworld motorcycle service
bworld gardener with lawnmower and equipment
bworld John Deere lawn tractor with trailer
bworld Car service
bworld filling station with vehicle and carwash
municipal worker figure set
bworld police officer with dog
UPS logistics figure set
bworld UPS parcel shop
Figure-set riding
bworld Horse barn
bworld mounted police officer
Figure set farmer with accessories
bworld forestry set
bworld forest ranger with dog and equipment
bworld fire station with Land Rover Defender
Emergency services figure set
bworld Health station
bworld Scrambler Ducati police motorcycle
bworld police station with police motorcycle
bworld lifeguard station with quad bike and personal water craft
bworld lifeguard with stand-up paddle
Quad with driver
Police-Quad with Police officer and accessories
Police-Quad with policeman and accessoires
Scrambler Ducati Desert Sled including rider
Snowmobil with driver and accessories
bworld mountain hut with snowmobile
bworld racing bicycle with cyclist
bworld mountain bike with female cyclist
bworld bike shop
Personal water craft including rider
bworld kayak with figure