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General information on how to use BRUDER toy vehicles

Dear customer,
We thank you for your purchase of one of our BRUDER toys.

Please read our use instructions and keep them in a safe place along with your proof of purchase.

The packing material (particularly plastic bags, fastening elements, etc.) must not be left with children and must be disposed of.

Please follow the instructions for use included with every product.

ATTENTION danger of injury – it is the responsibility of the parents to comply with the following instructions!

  • Do not reuse a damaged toy.
  • For hygienic reasons, tanks and filling containers must only be filled with water and must be completely emptied after use.
  • The following applies for water toys (boats, ships, etc.): Attention! Only use water toys in shallow water with adult supervision. Danger of drowning.
  • Do not use vehicles as ride-on vehicles.

To ensure that your child will be able to enjoy our articles for a long time, comply with the following instructions:

  • Do not expose the toys to strong heat sources, (heaters, automobiles, etc.) or to the effects of weather for a prolonged period (UV radiation, frost, etc.).
  • If there is contamination, such as sand, dirt, etc., first remove electronic components, if present, and then clean the vehicles with water or, in the case of heavier contamination, with soap and lukewarm water. Rinse off all joints and moving parts under running water. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or cleaning agents that contain solvent; do not use steam jets or high-pressure cleaners.
  • After playing with the toys, clean the toys and store them in a location that is protected from the effects of weather.

Subject to technical changes and changes in colour.


In the case of defective products, first contact your dealer or our customer service organization. We request your understanding for the fact that we cannot accept any unsolicited product returns and must refuse acceptance in such cases.


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