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Bruder Toys America Inc. receives another SEED award!


Palos Verdes, California - The South Bay Business Environmental Coalition awarded Bruder Toys with their second award in a different category “Pollution Prevention” at The Terranea Resort.  Beating out Northrop Grumman, Bruder Toys took home its second consecutive SEED Award which aims to encourage and inspire environmental awareness and creative methods to prevent pollution.  

Bruder Toys earned this award with 2 main practices, first is the Spare Parts Program. If a piece of your toys happens to break you can contact Bruder Toys and have that piece replaced instead of throwing out the toy to a landfill. Not only are you helping save the environment,  you are also saving money by not having to buy a whole new toy! In their production process Bruder grinds up excess "Flashing"   and recycles it into chassis' that are used in all of their models! This is Bruder's attempt to  make sure nothing goes to waste.

Winning a second SEED award in a different category goes to show how far Bruder Toys goes in its efforts to help keep this planet green!