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True-to-detail lorries, construction vehicles, community vehicles, tractors and farming trailer vehicles and equipment including numerous 1:16 functions that are true to the original and made of high-quality plastic. The product line features true-to-life products that are fun to play with and keep children active. This product line certainly lives up to BRUDER's motto "small, yet just as detailed as the original." All vehicles are suitable to be played in the nursery and outdoors. Many vehicles and equipment items can be combined with one another.
bworld is what we call the World of BRUDER. We now supplement our successful Pro series with play figures and buildings, which are essential elements for making a play world come to life. Since these new additions allow our small fans to unleash their fantasy and create imaginative play worlds, we are calling them BRUDER world or, in short, bworld.
BRUDER developed the Roadmax series especially for small children 2 years or older. Its sophisticated design including markedly rounded corners make these products also suitable for toddlers. What is more, we made sure that the vehicles are rugged while offering the greatest possible fun to play. These toy vehicles are suitable for playing inside the house or outdoors. The products sold in this line include farming, construction and community vehicles which are all as colourful as possible to appeal to small children.

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